Sinterall leading company




Founded in 1976, SINTERALL srl offers more than 80 years of experience gained in the ceramic sector by Dr. Borgognoni Mario, founding partner and subsequently by his sons, providing clients with bespoke advice and technical assistance from the design to the use of items characterized by high technological requirements

The ceramic materials produced by SINTERALL are:

  • Aluminum oxides
  • Zirconium oxides
  • Titanium dioxides and trioxides
  • Silicon nitride
  • Silicon carbide
  • Steatite

Such ceramic materials present combinations of exclusive properties and they rank among the most performing materials of our time, finding application in the major industrial production sectors.

Reliability and Durability are their main prerogatives.

Innovative ideas, high quality and competitive costs are the result of the on going development of the know-how. This ensures the making of high-precision products to use in the most diverse sectors and companies which require continuous improvements in performance, increase in productivity and limit machinery maintenance and related costs

Ceramic materials are often becoming the only solution to the technical challenges where conventional materials lack of performance and can’t be used.

We produce a very wide range of custom made components that find application in many sectors: electro technical, electronic, mechanical, aerospace, petrochemical, energy, nuclear, food, biomedical and others.

The Quality System applied in the company is based on the requirements of the UNI EN  ISO 9002  December 1994 edition relating to “Model for quality assurance in design, development and manufacturing”.