Safety data

SINTERALL ceramics are based on aluminium oxide, zirconium, titanium, silicon carbide and nitride. They are compact crystalline structures, produced with methods similar to those used for sintering metals.

Technical ceramics derive from different raw materials and are refined in various ways, in relation to the final use, integrated with a small percentage of additives such as kaolin, magnesium stearate, yttrium and all that is necessary to facilitate the subsequent processing steps.

The safety data sheets relating to raw materials and additives remain useful only to the manufacturer, who directly manipulates these substances, rather than the final user.

As a matter of fact, the user has only to deal with a product which is the result of a sintering process and no longer traceable / associated with the starting materials.

It is therefore the mechanical / thermal sintering process, conducted in an environment with constantly monitored parameters, which allows the creation of a final product with its well-known characteristics.

Advanced ceramics are “CHEMICALLY INERT”, as it can be clearly seen from the technical documentation available on our website.

They are suitable for medical implants inside the human body as they are highly biocompatible and not subject to any contraindication related to use and handling.