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”Technical ceramics” is a term that refers to an increasingly wide range of advanced ceramic materials. It initially stood out for purely dielectric applications and the most known on an industrial scale is the spark plug for the internal combustion engine.
The accepted dimensional tolerances used to be dependent on which thermal process was used for each ceramic material, roughly +/- 2% of the linear dimension.

Thanks to the gradual progress of processing systems, machinery and tools, it was made possible the production of rectified and lapped ceramic parts with particularly high finishing degrees and strict geometric/dimensional tolerances that are increasingly performing as well as be able to approach sectors that were initially unapproachable.

Technical ceramics present several properties at the same time, which usually are individually present in traditional materials. The choice of the most appropriate ceramic for the application will then be based on the specific property which will prove to be the most performing in order to optimize performance.

In the photo galleries you will be able to view and assess the growing number of applications that require resistance to abrasion and corrosion at high temperatures in extremely hostile environments, chemical inertness and bio-compatibility, resistance to thermal jumps, electrical or semiconductor insulation. Tools and equipment, protective sheaths, balls, screws, straight and curved pipes, control templates, sealing valves, gas and high-pressure nozzles, wire guides, pipe calibration dies, pistons, rings and stems for pumps, squeegees for pad printing, are innovative in the industrial burners sector and above all


SINTERALL is able to provide advanced technical ceramics to solve any type of problem and create solutions for severe applications in any field and environment. A professional consultation with our technical staff in the initial phase of the project guarantees the highest return in terms of costs, technical reliability and delivery. The company prides itself on many years of experience in in-house production, combined with a deep knowledge of modern technologies and new applications.